Educational Documentary Projects

Young Hemingway

Young Hemingway

A new, feature documentary on young Ernest Heminway’s life and literature.

Navajo Code Talkers

Navajo Code Talkers

Taped on 5 Pacific islands in 2005-2006 and on the Navajo Nation, six Navajo Code Talkers are featured in this documentary that chronicles “in their own words” the story of their return to major World War II battlefields.

The Eisenhower Legacy

Eisenhower Legacy

In this 4-part series, Ike’s roles as Allied Supreme Commander, Army Chief of Staff, Supreme Commander of NATO, and political leader of the “free world” from 1953
until 1961 are examined.

Eisenhower’s Secret War

Eisenhower Secret War

“Eisenhower’s Secret War” tells the story of Ike’s quest for peace in a time when war likely meant the release of nuclear weapons and the “mutually assured destruction”
of the nations involved.

The Eisenhower Legacy
Video Archive

Video Preservation

Interviews with major scholars and authors and with Eisenhower family members, military associates, political allies and opponents are digitally preserved by CLS.
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Exploring Immigration
The American Dream

Making It New

Learning modules on the subject of population and immigration in America since the “Great Wave” of immigration in the 1890s.